A close-up of a yellow smiley face with large, wide eyes, raised eyebrows, and a big, open-mouthed grin. The plain background accentuates the cheerful expression, reminiscent of the joy quality exterior painting services can bring to your home or business.

Patricia Wildenborg

A woman smiles as she holds a baby bundled in a blanket, enjoying the natural light of the beautiful exterior. Another person stands in the background with an American flag visible beside them, highlighting a picturesque outdoor scene.

“I was this year’s recipient and I appreciate it very much. I think it was a terrific crew, they did a great job, and they enjoyed themselves while doing their job.”

Doug Welch

A smiling man is seated outdoors in front of a house with a play button icon overlayed on the image. The words "The Smile Affect" are written at the bottom in white cursive text. The background features trees and part of a roof, showcasing the charm of professional exterior painting services.

“I had the best month that I’ve had in years with what Smile-A-Mile has blessed me with. It was more than just a house painting ; it was a house makeover.”